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We’re on your side, just 30 feet higher.

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Commercial Property/Home owner Reports

We know the contractor side of the insurance process inside and out, so we know how to take care of you, whether you’re a homeowner, HOA, or property management company.

We use our drone—and our Army-airborne-drone experience—to conduct a full inspection of your roof. Then we create a complete report for your insurance. It’s that easy. And that thorough.

Insurance Reports

We’ve worked all across the insurance restoration industry and with a wide variety of adjusters and third-party inspectors. So we know the pain of human error and having to send someone back up on the roof for a reinspection.

Our drone takes that out of the equation.

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Drone Inspection Service Plan

To help you stay on top of things (and off of your roof), we offer annual and semi-annual drone inspections for your HOA, apartment complex, church, business, or other structures. We’ll verify and keep an eye on the current condition of your roof and, of course, offer immediate inspections if there’s a catastrophic weather event.

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