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Your very own Army Airborne Infantry expert.

Joshua Colbert | MBA
Owner / President


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Joshua Colbert, the pilot behind the drone and the brains behind the Commercial Drone Management, is an insurance restoration specialist with an MBA and years of experience helping home and business owners come out on the right side of insurance claims.

His company delivers scientific, photographic evidence to prove (or disprove) what insurance companies (or contractors) are saying about a roof in question. So no one can question it. It’s licensed, insured, MNDOT-approved, and woman- and combat-veteran-owned.

Why is that relevant for a roof inspector? Well, after six years of Army Airborne Infantry service, Joshua knows his way around a drone. And after 107-point drone certification test, he certainly knows how to maneuver one around a roof.

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Your very own communications expert.

Elizabeth Colbert | MA
Owner / Vice President

Elizabeth Colbert, the co-pilot of the operation, has a Master of Organizational Leadership from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul, specializing in communication and leadership—skills she’s put to work at Target, Cargill, Pohlad Companies and Federal Ammunition.

They also happen to be skills you want on your side when dealing with insurance companies.

Elizabeth's experience as Director of Human Resources also means proven support, guidance, and strategic leadership. In other words, she knows her way around bureaucracies and straight through red tape.

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